New Year’s Goal Setting Activity and Reflection Sheets

Reflection is an important skill that we need to reinforce with our students. To assist with this task, I created a New Year’s small group discussion and goal setting activity to help my students with their reflection skills. In this step-by-step goal setting activity, students will be excited and engaged during their first week back at school.

Reflection Process

1. Arrange students in small groups of 4 – 5 people.

2. Give each group a bag of discussion prompts.

3. Provide students time to use the discussion prompts in their small groups.

4. Have a brief class discussion about new ideas they started to think about stemming from the discussion. 

5. Hand out the New Year’s Reflection Sheets and model responses under a document camera. 

6. Give students independent work time to fill out their reflection sheets. 

7. As time permits, conference with your students about their goals. 

Included in this Resource:

  • Detailed Teacher Instructions
  • Group Reflection Discussion Prompts
  • 2 Goal Setting Graphic Organizers
  • Google Classroom ready PDFs
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