Welcome Educators,

I am so happy you’re here! I love meeting other teachers and sharing best practices for teaching.

I’m Kristy, the teacher behind the 2 Peas and a Dog blog. I share my life with my wonderful husband Chris, and our three fur babies (Minnie the cat, Riley the dog, and Coco Puff the rabbit), which are often featured on my social media accounts. This blog would not be possible without the tech support from my husband.

I am a middle school teacher in Ontario, Canada. I love writing this blog because it allows me to share my passion for teaching and time-saving ideas with other teachers around the world. As of September 2018, I will be in my 12th year of teaching. My favourite subjects to teach are Literacy, Math and Social Studies.

The best thing about blogging is finding people who share the same interests and passions as you, that you normally would not meet in your daily life because they live far.

I love hearing from all of you – so reach out using the form below and let’s chat.