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Find ideas on how to celebrate various holidays in your classroom.

Read this blog post about how I increase student engagement during the holiday season by using six different writing strategies and holiday writing ideas from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog. #christmas #writing #writingprompts #creativewriting #lessonplans #lessons #holidays
Holidays Writing

Holiday Writing Ideas for the ELA Classroom

Holiday writing ideas are the topic of the guest blog post I had the opportunity to share on the Teach Writing blog. Read on this blog post about how I increase student engagement during the November and December holiday…


Celebrating the Holidays in the Secondary ELA Classroom

Holidays in secondary classrooms can be a challenge because you don’t want activities to seem too young or boring. Check out what other teachers are doing to make holiday celebrations fun in their classrooms. Q1: Does your school celebrate…


Holiday Season Survival Guide

Planing holiday lessons can be time consuming. Don’t let it be! It’s almost time for the holiday season in our classrooms. As much as I love the holidays, it is also a time when many teachers feel run down…


10 Halloween Costume Ideas For English Teachers

Halloween costumes are a way to add some fun to your school day on Halloween. Finding a creative, yet school-suitable Halloween costume can be challenging. Every time I try to shop for a pre-made costume, it is rarely appropriate…