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Find literacy lessons and teaching ideas.

Find great tips, tools and resources for middle and high school interactive notebook ideas for the language arts classroom in this article from 2 Peas and a Dog. #languagearts #reading #writing #lessonplans #2peasandadog

Language Arts Interactive Notebooks Tips and Tricks

Interactive notebooks rapidly took over classrooms a few years ago and became a staple in many classrooms. In this #2ndaryELA Twitter Chat recap we focus on how teachers use interactive notebooks in their classrooms as well as tips for teachers…

Classroom Library Literacy

5 Classroom Library Myths

  I strongly feel that classroom libraries are essential for all classrooms, not just for English classrooms. Students need to understand that literacy does not end once they walk out of their English classroom’s door. Students need to see…

Find great ideas for keeping students engaged in learning with puzzles and games from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Using Puzzles and Games in the Classroom to Engage Students

Using puzzles, games, breakout boxes and escape rooms have become a trend in education. We recently had a #2ndaryELA Twitter chat about using puzzles and games in the ELA classroom. Read about how these teachers are incorporating these strategies…

Creative lesson ideas for the middle and high school classroom from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Creative Lesson Ideas

New year = creative lesson ideas. I love new beginnings. I often use the weeks after a holiday break to implement new things in my classroom. It feels more natural than trying to start something in the middle of…


Engaging Students With Non-Traditional Texts

  It is important that students are given opportunities to engage with non-traditional texts like graphic and free verse novels. Teachers can also use other forms of high-interest media such as infographics, videos, and non-fiction articles. Read this Twitter…