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Teachers love Spring Break. Read 10 reasons why this is a much loved time of year for teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #education #teacherhumor #springbreak #teachers
Teacher Humour

10 Reasons Why Teachers Love Spring Break

Spring Break is a favorite time of year for many teachers. When someone mentions the word “Spring Break” people automatically assume wild parties at the beach. For teachers this is the farest thing from their minds. On Spring Break I…

Do you have what it takes to marry a teacher? Take this quick quiz to find out. A teacher humour blog post from 2 Peas and a Dog. #teacherhumour #teacherhumor #teachers #teaching #teacherlife
Teacher Humour

Want to Marry a Teacher? Take This Quiz

Teacher Humour Alert! Meghan Mathis and I have teamed up to create a handy questionnaire for any potential marriage proposals that might come your way this summer. It is summer and we need a break from reading all of those…

Teacher Humour

7 Benefits of Supervision Duty

  From time to time I like to incorporate some lighter blog posts on my blog. My previous lighter blog posts: You Live With A Teacher When and You Might Be Teacher If continues to get interaction when I…

Teacher Humour

You Live With A Teacher When

Teacher humor is needed to get through the hectic school season. Check out the 10 ways below to see if you live with a teacher! During the school year, they have two moods: complete exhaustion or super stressed. During…

Staying Healthy Teacher Humour

You Might Be a Teacher If …

After finishing a week of student-led conferences (parent-teacher interviews), I realized that many teachers might be feeling the same way as me. I put together a little list of “success criteria” for you to reference if you need to…